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Collection "The best of Czech & Slovak mead" (+ bonus sparkling mead) (13 ks) glass

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We selected for you 12 the most interesting and tasty honey wines from our countries. For special price you will also get sparkling mead from Slovenia.
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Volume: 7.625 l
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Original title: Degustační set 12 výběrových medovin

mead: Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.

Product set consists of:

  • 1x Radomilicka medovina with propolis 0.5 l (Jiří Velek)

    Radomilica mead is produced from nectar honey of the area of southern Bohemia - Vodňany region. It is enriched with propolis, which gives mead a more pronounced resin taste. This mead is specific for its golden - copper color.

  • 1x Medovíno sladové (Braggot - Mead with Hops and Malt) 0.5 l (Medovíno s.r.o.)

    Mead produced by cold way from forest and meadow honey with wheat malt and hops.

  • 1x Acacia Mead 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    Generally the most popular mead from acacia honey with characteristic light color, aroma and taste after acacia.

  • 1x Sunflower Mead 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    Typical bittersweet tasting mead fermented only from sunflower honey. Very rare and the speciality in Czech mead production.

  • 1x Medovina rytirska (Knight's mead) 0.5 l (Radomír Dvořák)

    Delicious semi-dry metheglin with lower contant of alcohol

  • 1x Staroceska medovina (Old Bohemian Mead) 0.5 l (Jiří Sláma)

    The most selling mead in category of metheglin. Strong combinational of 21 typical spices and herbs inspired by the oldest recipe.

  • 1x Medovina zazvorova (Ginger mead) 0.5 l (Roman Macholda)

    This homemade mead is less sweet made from honey directly from the beekeeper. It is boiled according to an old recipe and highlighted with ginger.

  • 1x Mead from honeydew honey 0.75 l (Tomáš Vorlíček)

    Honeywine very gentle spice flavored from honeydew

  • 1x Clara (Barrique) (red wine grapes) 0.75 l (Tomáš Vorlíček)

    Mead fermented with red Cabernet wine must. This batch is matured in an oak barrel.

  • 1x Sparkling mead - semi-dry 0.75 l (Čebelarstvo Gregor Jere)

    Semi-dry sparkling Slovenian mead, based on mead with fermented honey. The so-called "mead champagne".

  • 1x Original Slovak mead 0.75 l (Ing. Peter Kudláč - APIMED)

    Traditional slovak sweet mead with taste of linden honey

  • 1x Vcelovina Special 0.75 l (Včelco s.r.o.)

    Premium Slovakian mead - Best mead in the World 2013

  • 1x Tekovska medovina barrique 0.375 l (Beramed, s.r.o.)

    Premium archive mead. Matured in barrique oak barrels

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