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Code: CZ0074 | Brand: Medovinarna

Collection of meads made by cold process (+ barrique cyser free)

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And what is it good for? Heat treatment damages honey and it may not be honey cooking, which is still a common practice for some manufacturers. Cold mead is of the highest quality because honey retains all its healthy ingredients.

Category: Tasting sets
Weight: 13 kg
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Cold mead is cooled to 10-12 ° C before consumption.

This set has the following honey liquors:

  • Medarstvi Nova Rise - Mead - 0.50l
  • Medovino - Classic honey - oak barrel - 0.50l
  • Pleva - Mead of acacia honey - 0.50l
  • Pleva - Sunflower honey mead - 0,50l
  • Dvořák - Beekeeping and meadery - Castle Mead - 0.50l
  • Apifarm - Mead Přibyslav - meadow - 0,50l
  • Vorlicek Beekeeping - Dark Mead (from forest honey) - 0,75l
  • Beekeeping Babakov - Mead With Lavender - 0.50l
  • Klát - Semi-sweet mead - 0.50l
  • Jaroslav Lstiburek - Honey wine from the Bohemian Forest - maple honey - 0.50l
  • Pleva - Unique mead - apricot - young - 0.50l

For this set you will get a unique honey cyser in oak barrel for FREE

  • Cider Bohemia - Honey cyser (barrique) - 0,75l

We keep updating the set if any of the mead is not available.