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Pleva - Collection of varietal honey mead + 1 limited edition (6 ks)

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A package of 6 mead from the current offer of the Pleva company - Potštejn flower and linden, sunflower, acacia mead, mead from forest honey and as a bonus one actual limited fruit batch.
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Category: Tasting sets
Weight: 6 kg
Producer: Pleva s.r.o.
Production process: cold process
Volume: 3l
Country of origin: Czech republic
Preservation: without preservatives
Price/l: € 14.50
Original title: Kolekce 6 medovin - limitovaná nabídka

This set contains following items:

  • 1x Medovina z Potstejna (Classical mead from Potstejn) 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    It is made from the first honeys of spring, which contain the nectars of dandelion and other flowering plants and fruit tree blossoms. It has a wonderful fragrance and an even better taste.

  • 1x Acacia Mead 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    Generally the most popular mead from acacia honey with characteristic light color, aroma and taste after acacia.

  • 1x Forest Mead 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    Forest honey made by cold process attracts with typical spicy tones of honeydew. Pleva is one of few meaderies that are using forest honey.

  • 1x Sunflower Mead 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    Typical bittersweet tasting mead fermented only from sunflower honey. Very rare and the speciality in Czech mead production.

  • 1x Linden Mead 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    An intensive honey flavour is a typical for mead fermented from linden honey. Making varietal meads is very tare in Czech republic.

  • 1x Unique mead - cherry (young mead) 0.5 l (Pleva s.r.o.)

    Wild cherry taste of young mead from ripe and fragrant cherries. Compared to cherries, cherries are more aromatic and have a slightly larger cut. It tastes great on ice and heated.

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About meadery Pleva

Pleva's beekeeping company includes an assortment of not only mead, but also other bee products and cosmetics. Mead is cold-produced.


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.