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Code: SK0414B/11JD | Brand: Vcelco

Vcelco - Vcelovina Barrique - Single Barrel - "Jack Daniel's" - 0.37l

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Matured in oak barrel. Special retro edition pottery bottle. Limitted edition of premium barrique mead
Category: Archive mead
Weight: 0.74 kg
Producer: Včelco s.r.o.
Honey source: mixed
Production process: not boiled
Alcohol: 13.00%
Sweetness: sweet
Volume: 0.370l
Country of origin: Slovakia
Preservation: with preservatives
Composition: Mix of 3 different types of honey, water
Preservatives: sulphites
Včelovina Barrique covers limited editions (~1000 bottles each year) of mead, which matures in specially selected barrique oak barrels for more than one year. Maturation of this mead is evaluated individually for each barrel. It has a unique intense honey flavour with delicate hints of chocolate, vanilla or coconut, according to which specific barrel was used for the maturation (e.g. the current edition was matured in oak barrels previously used to store american burbon Jack Daniel's)

Best to be enjoyed slowly from the long-stemmed glasses, cooled down to 12-16 °C. 

About meadery Vcelco

Vcelko is a family meadery based in Smolenice in Slovakia. Their mission is to produce only top products, connected with nature and bringing joy to their customers.


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.

classical mead

Classical mead is made by fermenting honey and water without any other ingrediences. It keeps its original honey flavour and taste.