Cíderka is a smaller cider house from Brno. Since 2019, they have been producing light and fresh ciders from mostly dessert varieties of apples. The apples come from Czech orchards. They are ciders that everyone can drink.

They adhere to the winemaking tradition of the region, so they don't want to make a French style of cider, an English style of cider or a Spanish style of cider. Ciders are light, fresh, rich in aroma and fruity taste. You could say "something like wine". Such a Moravian, apple frizzante.


Cidérka Cider Strnad suchý - 0.75 l  6%, glass
Cidérka Cider Strnad suchý - 0.75 l 6%, glass

Dry cider from the Moravian producer Ciderka is made mainly from old varieties. It is full in taste, rich in acids and slightly bitter.

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