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Kinsale Mead - Gift box with 3 types of mead - 0.15 l

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A beautifully designed Kinsale Mead tasting set in a gift box, a mead for every occasion. An ideal gift, souvenir or treat for a gourmet.
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Category: Honey and mead sets
Weight: 0.75 kg
Producer: Kinsale Mead Co.
Volume: 0.15 l
Country of origin: Ireland
Price/l: € 180.00
Original title: Dárkový box se 3 druhy medovin
Composition: water, honey, orange honey, currants, sour cherries, berries
Preservatives: sulphites
Gift packaging: Includes gift box

A beautifully designed Kinsale Mead tasting set in a gift box, a mead for every occasion. An ideal gift, souvenir or treat for a gourmet.

Tasting trio of our meads in 50ml miniature bottles in an illustrated gift box. Includes tasting notes for each mead and a brief history of mead in Ireland. Illustration by local artist Fiona Boniwell.

Contains 3x 50ml miniature bottles, Atlantic Dry Mead (12%), Wild Red Mead (12%) and Hazy Summer Mead (11%).

Chill or pour over ice before drinking Atlantic Dry Mead and Misty Summer Mead. Make your own mead tasting at home.

Naturally gluten-free and low in sulfites.

Gift package

Gift sets or packages make it easy for you to make a nice gift.

Producer Kinsale Mead

Artisanal production of mead from the Irish county of Cork

Artisanal production of mead from the Irish county of Cork. Kinsale Mead is produced in West Cork, at the family mead farm in Barrack Lane, Kinsale (near the site of the Battle of Kinsale in 1601). Each batch is carefully blended, fermented and matured with care and passion and an emphasis on quality and sustainability. Pure honey, local water, yeast and also various fruits are used in this authentic mead, as is traditional.

Kinsale Mead Co was founded by Kate and Denis Dempsey in 2016 to revive the ancient art of mead making and create a world-class range of light and refreshing drinks. They use the best natural ingredients and make their meads dry and vinous with care and passion.

In 2016, they decided to start the journey to open their own business and revive the tradition of mead making in Ireland after 200 years.

They did a lot of research, tried a lot of meads from Europe and America and read a lot of books, both modern and historical. They started lots of small batches at home and tried different honeys, different yeasts, and different combinations of fruits, spices, and herbs. They kept improving the recipes. It was also very important to them how mead goes with food.

Meads have won an amazing number of awards in just a few years, including gold at The International Mazer Cup, which is something of a mead Olympics. They were also delighted with the Irish awards, gold and silver at Blas na hEireann, gold from the Free From Food Awards as the mead is naturally gluten free. They then won the prestigious 2-star (Outstanding) Great Taste Award, a British competition with literally thousands of entries at a very high level, as well as gold and silver at the European Mead Madness Cup. They were also awarded Drink of the Year by the Irish Food Writers' Guild. In the family mead farm, they simply produce world-class mead.

Kinsale (Cionn tSáile, meaning 'Head of the Tide') is a beautiful historic seaside town in West Cork, situated in a safe anchorage where the River Bandon flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Today it is known for its historic street, colorful buildings, many fabulous cafes, gastropubs and restaurants, bookstores, yachting, fishing and world-class golf.