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Pleva - For a great guy - 2.2 kg

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Everything tailored for the coolest guy! After drinking the bottle, our amazing man will have a thorough bee care, thanks to which he will have a clear look. Propolis will take care of irritated skin after shaving and windswept faces.
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Category: Honey and mead sets
Weight: 2.2 kg
Producer: Pleva s.r.o.
Volume: 2.2 kg
Country of origin: Czech republic
Original title: Pro skvělého chlapa

Gift set For a great guy includes:

1. Mead from Potštejn 0.5 l
Our traditional mead is made by fermenting the first spring honeys from dandelions, freshly flowering plants and fruit trees. It is produced cold and thus guarantees the preservation of great substances of bee honey. It does not contain preservatives, dyes or flavors, it is not acidified or sweetened.

2. Aftershave with propolis
Only quality aftershave water can soothe the skin, cleanse it and prevent inflammation. Wounds should not only disinfect, but also heal, which is why we have used propolis as an active ingredient here. Propolis wonderfully relieves irritation and helps to heal small wounds, while other ingredients soften and cleanse the skin adequately. Great water for every skin type.

3. Men's skin cream with propolis
We have developed a natural men's skin cream containing propolis for specific men's skin as a moisturizing day cream with protection against UV radiation and atmospheric influences. It has a calming and regenerating effect on the skin after shaving. Thanks to its light consistency, the cream is very well absorbed and softens the skin without feeling greasy. The balanced natural composition gives the skin firmness and softness with a pleasant aroma of bergamot oil and propolis.

4. Ceramic cup from the protected workshop Neratov
A beautiful ceramic cup seems to be directly about filling with warm mead on long winter evenings. Products from Kopeček have "Orlické hory - original product" and "Handicapped work" certificates. So you buy quality goods made in a fair environment.

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Details about meadery Pleva

Pleva's beekeeping company includes an assortment of not only mead, but also other bee products and cosmetics. Mead is cold-produced.

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