Code: CZ5783 | Brand: Zahradka u Tomiku

Zahradka u Tomiku - Medutela orange - 0.24 kg

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Honey spread. Ideal on pancakes, bread, milk, yogurt or just a spoon
Category: Medutela
Weight: 0.4 kg
Producer: Gabriela Macholdová
Volume: 0.24 kg
Country of origin: Czech republic
Original title: Medutela pomerančová
Composition: honey, cacao, orange
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Medutela is processed cold, retained all health benefits! Ideal for pancakes, fritters, pastries, or just for a spoon. Also excellent with warm milk or coffee.

We produce several flavor variants - natural, cinnamon, almond, hazelnut, orange. Spread that not only children will love.

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.  


Honey: Honey and water of the best quality are required for production of high quality mead.

Details about meadery Zahradka u Tomiku

Under the Strážiště hill between Želivka and Blaník, the Machold family is a beekeeping and meadery, as well as producer of other unique bee products

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