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Mjøderiet - Mead Eplepai apple-cinnamon-vanilla) - 0.25 l 13.5%, glass

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Sweet Norwegian mead made with apple cider and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla and matured for 1/2 year in oak barrels
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Category: Melomels
Weight: 0.5 kg
Producer: Mjøderiet AS
Alcohol: 13.5%
Sweetness: sweet
Flavour: apple, spiced
Volume: 0.25 l
Country of origin: Norway
Price/l: € 48.80
Original title: Eplepai
Composition: water, apple cider, honey, spices
Preservatives: sulphites
News order: M0689

Sweet Norwegian mead made with apple cider and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla and matured for 1/2 year in oak barrels.

Apple pie is a strong mead with Hardanger apple juice. It is flavored with real vanilla and cinnamon and aged for 6 months in oak barrels. The apple pie tastes exactly like liquid apple pie and works well as an alternative to dessert wine. Try it with vanilla ice cream, cream cakes or on its own.



Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.


Melomel is a fruit mead with is fermented from honey and fruit juices.

Producer Mjøderiet

Norway's first meadery, located outside Bergen, Norway. We make all kinds of mead, both traditional and modern.

The first Norwegian mead farm that produces all types of mead: traditional and modern

Mjøderiet is made up of five passionate enthusiasts from Bergen, Norway, with a passion for mead - an ancient drink that has started to make a comeback in Nordic tastes in recent years.

We have a diverse background coming from Norway's homebrewing scene and beer enthusiasts, and Mjøderiet's ambition is to revitalize mead both in Norway and internationally. We believe that more and more people are ready to join the international development in which mead has made a comeback in several countries. We think mead is a hugely exciting drink with huge potential. Mjøderiet strives to spread knowledge, revive classic styles and experiment with new and adventurous tastes.

We have one foot in the old mead tradition of trying to resurrect ancient flavors and ancient recipes, while the other foot is in the new culture of craft drinks, focusing on experimenting with fruits, berries, spices, different levels of carbonation and alcohol.

Mjøderiet wants diversity. We want quality. We want a real passion for noble drinks, for honey carefully collected by hard-working bees, for real fruits and berries, for fragrant spices and herbs. We want exciting new flavor combinations. We want to get the mead to the people.