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Pleva - Unique mead - black currant - 0.5 l 11.7%, glass

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Limited mead with black currant, fruit mead with pleasant acidity and a strong taste of a combination of fruit and honey
Category: Melomels
Weight: 1 kg
Producer: Pleva s.r.o.
Production process: cold process
Alcohol: 11.7%
Sweetness: semi-sweet
Flavour: currant
Volume: 0.5 l
Country of origin: Czech republic
Price/l: € 24.60
Recommended as a gift: for a girlfriend or wife
Original title: Medovina jedinečná - černý rybíz
Composition: water, honey, black currant
Vintage: 2019
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Limited mead with black currant, fruit mead with pleasant acidity and a strong taste of a combination of fruit and honey.

At first glance, the blackcurrant mead will captivate you with its dark red color and, after smelling it, entices you to taste it with its fruity aroma. When you drink it, you will really feel the full fruity taste of black currant, slightly honey, but just sweet enough to underline and not overwhelm the taste of the fruit. After taking a sip, the wonderful taste of black currant remains on the palate, which has a pleasantly bitter note.

Currant treasure from the parents' garden
A few years ago, Milan Pleva discovered a ripe black currant in his parents' garden. He noticed that his parents didn't harvest currants, and because Milan liked him, especially because of his vitamins, he thought of adding him to the mead. After two years of maturation, during a mass tasting here in Potštejn, we learned that we had a beautifully warm mead, in which you can feel the full fruity taste of black currant in harmony with quality Czech honey.

Limited mead with black currant, chaff
And our customers obviously shared our satisfaction with us, because it didn't warm us up for a long time That's why Milan loaded other years and we are really looking forward to the taste surprises that await us, because the magic of mead also lies in the fact that each batch is slightly tasty. different and can surprise. Now we have rolled down the year 2018 and after a thorough tasting we have to say that the mead with black currants was again excellent. Feel free to taste!


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.


Melomel is a fruit mead with is fermented from honey and fruit juices.

Production process

This mead was made cold. This means that during its production, the honey was not heated above 40-45 °C, which is the normal temperature in nature to which honey is resistant. At higher temperatures, some precious components of honey can be damaged and degraded. Cold-made mead is the best choice.

Producer Pleva

Pleva's beekeeping company includes an assortment of not only mead, but also other bee products and cosmetics. Mead is cold-produced.

The production plant of the Pleva beekeeping company includes an assortment of not only mead, but also other bee products and cosmetics. Mead is made cold.

The Pleva family business is located in the spa town of Potštejn in the picturesque foothills of the Eagle Mountains. It specializes in the processing of medicinal bee products (honey, royal jelly, pollen, propolis and bee venom) into cosmetics and food supplements. However, the most interesting thing for us is the production of meads, in which the people of Plevo specialize in single-species meads.

They have been raising bees since 1969 and processing bee products since 1990. However, they only started producing mead around 2003, initially in smaller quantities. From the beginning, they wanted to follow a honey-friendly path and also had the goal of offering something new, unique, which is missing on the market. They officially started offering mead only in 2008. The first mead was herbal and distinctly bitter, they also produced several honey liqueurs with nut and herbal variants. In the end, however, they focused on a quite unique but most interesting category of meads, which consists of meads made from one type of honey. The current offer includes acacia, linden, sunflower and forest honey meads, which are real delicacies and are popular for their distinct aroma and taste of original honey. Potštejn mead is fermented from classic flower honey.

The maturation period of meads is at least 1 year, but some meads have been refining their flavor for 5 years.

We at the Mead Museum from Plevů also buy some types of honey cosmetics.