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Vcelarstvi Slama - Mead from Vysocina - original - 0.5 l

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Mildly bitter mead from Vysočina is an original family recipe, which, thanks to the composition of herbs, ensures good digestion and mental well-being.
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Category: Metheglins
Weight: 1 kg
Producer: Jiří Sláma
Production process: not boiled
Alcohol: 13.50%
Sweetness: semi-sweet
Flavour: herbal, hops, spiced
Volume: 0.5l
Country of origin: Czech republic
Preservation: with preservatives
Price/l: € 12.00
Original title: Medovina z Vysočiny - original
Composition: water, honey, yeast, hops, mixture of spices and herbs
Preservatives: E202
Good for hot mead: yes
Mead from Vysočina is made by the traditional method of fermentation and long maturation of a dense honey base with the addition of 14 types of herbs and spices. Long-term testing has created a family recipe according to which we always try to create a delicious drink that brings you the pleasure of a good drink. Herbs help for good digestion and digestion, spices are characterized by their aroma and subtle bitterness adds to the hops. Therefore, you can also serve mead as an aperitif. Valuable substances from honey generally strengthen the body and bring mental well-being.

We recommend drinking chilled or heated to a temperature of around 40 °C.

About meadery Vcelarstvi Slama

Slama family is running bee-keeping business in Havlíčkův Brod at Vysocina - mountainous region in the Czech republic. They also produce delicious mead according to the traditional Bohemian recipe.


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.


Metheglin is a type of mead with added (maturated) spices and herbs.