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Mellos lemonade with hibiscus and roses - 0.33 l

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Refreshing herbal lemonade with 10% of honey.
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Category: Honey lemonades
Weight: 0.6 kg
Producer: Opre' cidery
Alcohol: 0%
Sweetness: sweet
Flavour: herbal
Volume: 0.33 l
Country of origin: Slovakia
Price/l: € 9.09
Original title: Mellos s ibiškem a růží
Composition: Water, bee honey 10%, herbs (rose petals, hibiscus and other herbs), CO2, citric acid, vitamin C.

Flowers and petals, romantic roses and hibiscus. The blossoming essence of this Mellos pair complements each other in bee honey to create a gentle and tender taste. The hibiscus flowers, named after Egyptian bird “Ibis”, has in addition to its unique flavor, beneficial effects for your immune system and lowers high cholesterol. While the taste of rose petals is pleasantly melted on your tongue and thus complements perfect refreshing drink.

Honey lemonade: Honey lemonades

Details about meadery Mellos

The natural and handicrafted lemonades Mellos by Opre' cidery from Košice are made with herbs and contains about 10% honey, which gives the lemonade a unique delicate flavour and sweetness.

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