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Mellos lemonade with juniper and chilli - 0.33 l

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Refreshing lemonade with 10% of honey.
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Category: Honey lemonades
Weight: 0.6 kg
Producer: Opre' cidery
Volume: 0.33 l
Country of origin: Slovakia
Price/l: € 9.09
Original title: Mellos s jalovcem a chilli
Composition: Water, bee honey 10%, herbs 0,7% (juniper berries, chili and other herbs), CO2, citric acid, vitamin C.

Refreshing lemonade with 10% of honey.

Juniper & chilli are a lovely duo that pulls you from the first breath into your natural world. The distinctive and traditional flavor of the juniper berries which helps digestion is combined with spicy chilli. That is moderately added with sweet bee honey which forms a spicy taste on the tongue. Suits well to curious and courageous tasters.

Honey lemonade

Honey lemonades

Producer Mellos

The natural and handicrafted lemonades Mellos by Opre' cidery from Košice are made with herbs and contains about 10% honey, which gives the lemonade a unique delicate flavour and sweetness.