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Medarna Hradek - Hradecka medovina - bylinna (elderberry) - 0.5 l

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Natural mead from flower honey, in which elderflower flowers are macerated during its production. Sweet mead with floral tones and balanced elderberry taste.
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Category: Metheglins
Weight: 1 kg
Producer: Vítězslav a Markéta Krejčovi
Production process: cold process
Alcohol: 14.00%
Sweetness: semi-sweet
Flavour: herbal, elderberry
Volume: 0.5l
Country of origin: Czech republic
Preservation: without preservatives
Price/l: € 20.80
Original title: Hrádecká medovina - bylinná
Composition: water, honey, black elderberry flower

About meadery Medarna Hradek

Beekeeping, domestic production of mead and cyser


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.


Metheglin is a type of mead with added (maturated) spices and herbs.