Code: CZC0302A | Brand: Cider Talk

Cider Talk by Provoco - polosuchý - 0.75 l 5.2%

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Semi-dry and sparkling craft. Noticeable acidity with medium residual sugar and intense aromatics due to long aging. Pleasant and balanced.
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Category: Ciders
Weight: 1.4 kg
Producer: Provoco
Alcohol: 5.2%
Sweetness: semidry
Volume: 0.75 l
Added CO2: yes
Country of origin: Czech republic
Filtered: yes
Pasteurized: no
Price/l: € 8.87
Varietal: no
Original title: Cider Talk by Provoco - polosuchý 5,2% 750ml
Composition: Apple juice, CO2

A semi-dry cider that has a pleasant and harmonious acidity. Thanks to the long and slow maturation, the cider acquires a distinct aroma of fresh fruit with hints of gooseberry and even apricot. During production, the cider is processed only biomechanically, i.e. filtered and spun. It is not sulphured or pasteurized.

The result is a very drinkable craft cider for a wide range of cider lovers.

cider: cider

Details about meadery Cider Talk

Cider Talk comes from Vodňany in South Bohemia. They look to the sparkling ciders of Spain and France for inspiration.

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