Code: CZC1705A | Brand: Kliment Cidre

Kliment Cidre Demi Sec AMER - 0.75 l 5.7%, glass

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Semi-dry cider, distinct bittersweet taste. Special edition of the year 2017 BIO certificate
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Category: Ciders
Weight: 1.65 kg
Producer: Kliment Cidre
Alcohol: 5.7%
Sweetness: semidry
Volume: 0.75 l
Added CO2: no
Country of origin: Czech republic
Filtered: no
Pasteurized: no
Price/l: € 16.40
Varietal: no
Original title: Kliment Cidre Demi Sec AMER 5,7% 750ml
Composition: Apple juice
Bio quality: yes

Semi-dry cider, distinct bittersweet taste. Special edition of the year 2017
BIO certificate.

This cider with the taste and aroma of ripe fruit is dominated by intoxicating bitterness, obtained from an unconventional mixture of bittersweet apples. The astringent line of tannins is complemented by refreshing acid and a light golden color. A highly addictive semi-dry cider!



Producer Kliment Cidre

Kliment Cidre is the oldest Czech cidre producer that truely focuses on Breton style of cidre making

Kliment Cidre are now the only organic Czech ciders produced in a truly original Breton style. Ciders have a deep and robust taste, long persistence and high effervescence and a distinct aroma. They mature for a long time and their craftsmanship is absolutely precise.

KLIMENT CIDRE is a natural cider created using a unique historical method. Its charm and production lies in the long and slow fermentation of freshly pressed must, which lasts 9 to 18 months. It ages for another year or more in bottles, where it acquires a natural effervescence. Cider is unfiltered, without pasteurization, added sulfur and any sweetening. The mixture of apples comes from special cider varieties and old Czech varieties of apple trees. It takes an average of 3-5 years from apple to glass. This is the only vintage cider in the Czech Republic and it is among the rarities worldwide.

These ciders cannot be faulted. In addition to the basic series, there are now also limited batches of specials.