Code: SI0102 | Brand: Čebelarstvo Jere

Čebelarstvo Jere - Honey wine - semi-sweet - 0.5 l 11.8%

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Semi-sweet Slovenian mead fermented from flower honey in a cold way
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Category: Natural mead
Weight: 1 kg
Producer: Čebelarstvo Gregor Jere
Honey source: nectar
Production process: cold process
Alcohol: 11.8%
Sweetness: semi-sweet
Volume: 0.5 l
Country of origin: Slovenia
Price/l: € 39.10
Recommended as a gift: for a girlfriend or wife
Original title: Medeno vino polsladko
Composition: water, honey
Preservatives: sulphites

Semi-sweet Slovenian mead fermented from flower honey in a cold way.

Slovenian meads are pure and natural without spices and herbs or juices. They are characterized by a very fresh aroma and harmony of taste, which are appreciated by well-known sommeliers.


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.

Classical mead

Classical mead is made by fermenting honey and water without any other ingrediences. It keeps its original honey flavour and taste.

Type of honey

Blossom honey or nectar comes from the nectar of various flowers.

Production process

This mead was made cold. This means that during its production, the honey was not heated above 40-45 °C, which is the normal temperature in nature to which honey is resistant. At higher temperatures, some precious components of honey can be damaged and degraded. Cold-made mead is the best choice.

Producer Čebelarstvo Jere

Beekeeping near Ljubljana, which specializes in the production of varietal honey mead and quality sparkling mead.